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In 1995, Dan and Mary Tynch were saved from the life of drug addiction and suicidal thoughts under the ministry of Pastor Nick & Maira Walker in Chicago, IL. It was there that both Dan & Mary were called to start a church in Kansas City. It was there in Chicago where Pastor Dan went to bible school and became a licensed minister. With a desire to fulfill the call of God, Pastor Dan, his wife Mary and their two children left Chicago to start a church in Kansas City. The Victory Outreach Kansas City Church family first congregated in a small gymnasium called the “Minute Circle.” It was there that the people of Kansas City began to hear about a ministry that was reaching drug addicts, prostitutes and gang members for the honor and glory of God.

In 1999, God blessed the ministry with a 14,000 square foot building. God provided the resources for the building to be fully restored with a brand new sanctuary, children’s classrooms, balcony, administrative offices, a fellowship hall and our own baptism pool. Over 20 years later, God is still in the blessing business. We have 4 recovery homes, a growing multicultural congregation and a strong leadership team. God continues to provide the resources for us to reach the lost and hurting people throughout Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding areas.

But God’s divine plan doesn’t end there; we are also looking forward in breaking ground again and obtaining a 1,000 seat sanctuary and four brand new Christian Recovery Homes. From humble beginnings, conducting services on the side of a house to preaching all over the world and being instrumental in building the Midwest, God has led Pastor Dan, Sister Mary and the local VOKC congregation on a unique path to spiritual success.

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