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Victory Outreach first began in 1967 by Sonny and Julie Arguinzoni. God saved Sonny from being a heroin addict in the streets of New York to preaching the Gospel. Sonny & Julie began to welcome drug addicts into their home with the hope that they too would change and break their bad habits and addictions.

The government began to take notice of the positive impact the ministry was having on reaching gang members and drug addicts in East L.A. and offered federal funding. After receiving the funding for one year, the spirit led Pastor Sonny to reject the funding, despite the government’s efforts to double the funding. Pastor Sonny explained that he felt that God did not create a ministry to be dependent on the government, but to be dependent upon God to provide. That one move of faith along with Sonny & Julie’s persistency in helping to change people’s lives forced the ministry to grow into other parts of Southern California.

In the years following Victory Outreach began to host annual conferences and evangelistic outreaches that were literally bringing thousands to know Christ. By the 1970’s Pastor Sonny had launched several churches across California. By the 1980’s Pastor Sonny had planted several churches all across America. That same decade Victory Outreach took a huge step and spread across international borders. Entering the 1990’s Victory Outreach was operating at full steam as growth was occurring exponentially. Urban Training Centers (U.T.C.) were planted. A school of ministry, Victory Education and Training Institute (V.E.T.I.) was started. United We Can (U.W.C.) was created. And most importantly souls were reached.

To date, Victory Outreach International is blessed with a worldwide network of over 500 ministries in over 30 countries. From humble beginnings in East L.A. to reaching millions of people all across the world, the ministry of Victory Outreach wouldn’t be what it is today without the blessings of God and the leadership of our visionary founder Pastor Sonny and his wife Julie. Victory Outreach will continue to fulfill the mission that God gave us back in 1967 of reaching the lost and hurting people of the world with the message of hope and plan of Jesus Christ.

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